• Elizabeth Ostendorf, M.Ed., BCBA
    Elizabeth Ostendorf, M.Ed., BCBA Chief Executive Officer and Owner

    Liz began working in the field of ABA in 2009 as a behavior therapist for children with Autism. She graduated in 2011 with her Bachelor’s degree and completed her BCaBA later that year. After obtaining her BCaBA, she worked for an agency in Denver as part of a Family Preservation program. She worked with at risk families and with youth at risk of being placed out of the home due to challenging behavior. While working in conjunction with a Psychologist, family and child therapist, she worked with children and adolescents that had a wide range of diagnoses. Liz graduated with a Master of Education in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University in 2013. She then completed her BCBA, and joined Behavior and Learning Group. Since 2013, she has worked with children in their homes, in schools, and in community settings. Her professional passion is spending time working with children in Foster Care or in the adoption process to help smooth the transition process. In her free time, Liz enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and playing soccer.

  • Kaitlyn Taylor, M.A., BCBA
    Kaitlyn Taylor, M.A., BCBA Chief Operating Officer

    Kaitlyn began working in the field of ABA in 2007 as a behavior therapist providing in-home therapy to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She completed her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2011. After graduating, she worked for a centered-based ABA program, while obtaining her BCaBA. After completing her BCaBA, she joined Behavior and Learning Group while working on her Master’s degree, before relocating to Northern Virginia. While in Northern Virginia, she completed her Master’s degree from Ball State University, and obtained her BCBA in 2014.  Kaitlyn has experience working with individuals with various diagnoses, as well as experience providing ABA therapy in a variety of settings to include, in-home, center-based and in school settings.  Kaitlyn was able to rejoin Behavior and Learning Group in 2016 and took the position of Assistant Director and Director of the Student Internship Program.  In 2018, Kaitlyn expanded her role by becoming the Clinical Director. Her professional passion is working with clients to advocate for their educational and behavioral needs in school settings, as well as staff training.

  • Katherine Donahoe, MS, BCBA
    Katherine Donahoe, MS, BCBA Director of Clinical Services

    Katherine was introduced to ABA as a behavior technician an early intervention clinic at West Virginia University, where she received a dual Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication Studies. She went on to earn a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities through Auburn University, where she worked in preschool, outpatient, and residential settings with clients from 3-21 years old. After graduating from Auburn and becoming a BCBA in August 2015, she completed a year-long fellowship at the Virginia Institute of Autism. Katherine has been providing ABA services in Colorado Springs ever since, and she joined Behavior and Learning Group in 2018. Throughout her career, she has presented collaborative research in the behavior analytic and pediatric psychology fields and has enjoyed teaching paraprofessionals, undergraduates, families, technicians, and graduate students to work with the clients she served. Her goal is for clients to live their most independent and fulfilling lives and to prioritize teaching skills that extend that improved quality of life to clients’ loved ones. Her professional passions include reducing severe challenging behavior as well as utilizing ongoing training to nurture technicians’ skills and excitement within the field. In her free time, Katherine enjoys reading, coffee, live music, and her dogs.

  • Sarah Reimondo, M.Ed., BCBA
    Sarah Reimondo, M.Ed., BCBA RBT Coordinator

    Sarah began her journey in the ABA field in January of 2007 while working as a behavior therapist providing in-home ABA therapy. During that time Sarah acquired ABA experience in school, clinical, and in-home settings. Also during that time, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Colorado- Colorado Springs in Special Education as well as her Colorado SPED teaching license. She subsequently acquired a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Autism and ABA from the University of Massachusetts- Lowell in 2011. She completed her BCBA in April of 2012. Throughout her experience in ABA she has developed a passion for in-home ABA therapy. Sarah feels that ABA is very effective when administered in naturalistic settings that allow students to apply knowledge immediately to real life situations. She enjoys seeing the progress when able to address behavioral concerns where they typically occur. Sarah is a Colorado Springs native and plans to stay in Colorado for the rest of her life. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and scrapbooking.

  • Sheena G. Schultz, MS, BCBA
    Sheena G. Schultz, MS, BCBA Center Coordinator

    Sheena has been a BCBA working with individuals with Autism since 2013.  Prior to that, she was a RBT/therapist since 2010 working across home, center, community and school settings.  Sheena received her Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Counseling, Allied Health Studies (2005) from College of Mount Saint Vincent in New York.  She has worked with at risk youth in a residential setting for a non profit organization in New Jersey.  She has also worked with adults in psychiatric group home setting.  Sheena moved to Colorado in 2010, and her first job as a therapist implementing ABA therapy, made her pursue her post graduate work in ABA towards her BCBA certification.  Since then, she was a BCBA and the Clinical Director for a center-based program in Hawaii from 2013-2017, before moving back to Colorado.  Sheena has two young boys, and loves to spend time with her family and friends, enjoying the outdoors and traveling.

  • Jessica Conedy, M.ED, BCBA
    Jessica Conedy, M.ED, BCBA Senior BCBA

    Jessica began working in the field of ABA in 2007 as a behavior therapist for individuals with Autism. She completed her Master’s degree in 2010 from Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii. While obtaining her Master’s degree she taught Special Education at the high school level in Kaneohe, Hawaii. She then worked toward obtaining her BCBA while simultaneously working as a Special Educator and behavior therapist at a clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since obtaining her BCBA in 2012 she has worked with children and young adults within a clinic setting, in their homes as well as in school settings. Jessica joined Behavior and Learning Group in 2017. Her professional passion includes working closely with families to help ensure progress not only with their child but together as a family unit by utilizing ABA. In her free time, Jessica enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

  • Patrick Gray, BCBA
    Patrick Gray, BCBA Senior BCBA
  • Vanessa Kay, MS, BCBA
    Vanessa Kay, MS, BCBA BCBA

    Vanessa obtained a B.A. in Psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2011. She went on to obtain a M.S. in ABA and Autism Spectrum disorders from Elm’s College in Chicopee, Massachusetts in 2013. She then went on to deliver behavioral services in a home-based setting in addition to facilitating instruction at a social skills group on weekends. Vanessa obtained her BCBA in May of 2015 and has resided in Colorado since June of 2016. She has a plethora of experience delivering ABA services in schools, homes, and clinic-based settings. She excels at providing families and professionals with training pertaining to behavioral methodology and autism spectrum disorders. Her practice places a strong emphasis on social skills and functional communication training. In her free time, Vanessa enjoys taking hikes in the mountains with her Australian Shepherd.

  • Lauren Maxwell, M.Ed., BCBA
    Lauren Maxwell, M.Ed., BCBA BCBA

    Lauren began working in the field of ABA as a behavior therapist providing therapy to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Kennedy Kriegar Institute. She graduated in 2016 with her masters degree in education with an emphasis in ABA from Arizona State University. She moved to Colorado in January 2017 to gain experience providing in-home ABA therapy. Lauren joined Behavior and Learning Group in December 2018. Her professional passion is working with teenagers with developmental disabilities and behavioral concerns. Lauren enjoys spending time with her husky.

  • Ashley Pabon, BCBA
    Ashley Pabon, BCBA BCBA
  • Gale Mertes, BCBA
    Gale Mertes, BCBA BCBA
  • Erin Johnson, BCBA
    Erin Johnson, BCBA BCBA
  • Kathy Cahill, BCBA
    Kathy Cahill, BCBA BCBA
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